Bisbee Brown

Mementi Mori

The Latin expression memento mori, often translated, "remember your mortality," describes a work of art that reminds the viewer of the brevity of life. Bisbee Brown's mementi mori tell the viewer, "Death is universal, so let's not make a fuss."

These mementi mori, often built in wooden cigar boxes, are constructed from recycled printed paper, bits of glass, wire, wood, cloth, plastic, altered found objects, and figures sculpted from polymer clay. Some are embellished with handpainting in acrylics. Most of the mementi mori boxes have small decorative hangers, often a metal pull tab. Each piece is signed “BJB”.

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Almost all the works of art shown here are in private collections. If you have questions or comments for Bisbee Brown, or would like to talk about commissioning a special piece, please visit the Contact page.